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Regimental History: Major Themes
Organization of the Regiment, Greenwood Recruiting, Recruiting Cavalry Early-On, Camp Douglas Politics, Regiment Building, Camp Douglas
Prisoners of War, Partial List of Regiment's POWs, Account of Captivity in CSA Prisons, Dying at Andersonville, Lindy and Mee Graves, Prisoner at Camp Ford, Tyler TX, Letter from Danville Prison, Last to Leave Andersonville
To Fort Pillow and Pittsburg Landing, April 11 - 22, 1862  (On the 1862 tab of the Regimental History page)
Chickamauga [endlessly under construction], Raymond's Regimental After-Action Report, Miles' 27th Illinois After-Action Report, Walworth's Brigade After-Action Report, Gates Thruston - Crisis at Chickamauga, Chaplain Notifies Parents of the Dead, Retrieving the Chickamauga Dead
Reenlisting, 1864
Franklin (1864), The 51st on the Retreat from Pulaski to Nashville: Part I (Pulaski, Spring Hill, Franklin), Color Bearer Genung Falls, Color Bearer Lansdown Falls, Nathaniel Bailie Lost Forever
William Edward Henry's New Book, Available at
Regimental History: Bounded Themes and Episodes
Death by Disease Guarding the Railroads
Regiment Weakened by Detached Service Dead Man Deserting
Views of the Emancipation Proclamation Brief Notes on 51st at Stones River, Dec 1862
51st Illinois at Kennesaw: Introductory Note  
Diaries & Journals  
1862 Regimental Journal by Col. Bradley Part I of Edward Tabler's Diary Unedited
Edward Tabler Diary: January - June, 1862 Part II of Edward Tabler's Diary Unedited
Edward Tabler Diary: July, 1862 - February 9, 1863 Edward Burns' Diary, April 1862 to September 1863
Edward Tabler Diary: January - June, 1863  
Edward Tabler Diary: July - December, 1863  
Edward Tabler Diary: January - June, 1864  
Soldier Letters Soldier Letters
Edward Tabler, Mar 15 1863, Murfreesboro Col. Gilbert Cumming, Chicago, Sep 12, 1862
Edward Tabler, Nov 12 1863, Chattanooga Col. Bradley, Nov 29 1862, Nashville
Edward Tabler, Nov 7 1864, Pulaski TN Albert Tilton, Jul 20 1862, Near Corinth
David W. English: Camp Douglas, Feb 8, 1862 Robert Tilton, Jun 7 1862, Near Corinth
Henry Howland: Mississippi River, Apr 7 1862 Additional Tilton Family Correspondence, mid-1862
Henry Buck: Hamburg Landing TN, Apr 28 1862 George Sylvester: Stones River, Feb 8, 1863
Henry Buck: Booneville MS, Jun 3 1862 William Greenwood: to Gov. of Ill., May 17, 1863
Henry Buck: Mallard Creek AL, Aug 17 1862 John McBride: Stones River, January, 1863
Henry Buck: Decatur AL, Aug 2, 1862 Chaplain to Clarissa McBride: Chattanooga, Sep 21, 1863
Henry Buck: Undated Letter to Sister John Ekstrand: Chattanooga, Nov 2, 1863
Thomas Hayes, Mississippi, Jun 23 1862 George Hoel, Stones River TN, Jan 13, 1863
Thomas Hayes, Alabama, Aug 4 1862 George Hoel, Chattanooga, Mar 30, 1864
Thomas & John Hayes, Alabama, Aug 25 1862 James Skidmore, Nashville, May 29, 1865
John Lucian McBride: 19 Letters, Jan 62—Oct 63 Adam Hetfield, Watseka IL, Jan 29, 1866
Lt. Thomas Cummings, Chattanooga, Dec, 1863 Mathew Romine: Camp Douglas, Chicago, Dec 9, 1862
Lt. Thomas Lester, Champaign IL, Aug 19, 1862 Major Samuel Raymond, New Madrid MO, March 14, 1862
Chaplain Lewis Raymond: Courtland AL, Jul 27, 1862 Adjutant Henry Hall: Near Murfreesboro, Dec 28, 1862
Thomas Ames, New Madrid MO, March 18, 1862  

Accounts by Members of the Fifty-First Illinois Infantry
Decoration: Some Footprints of the Army of the Cumberland, from the Privates' Standpoint - by William Gardner, Co. D
"Kiser Lansdowne" in Port Byron Globe: February 20, 1891- by Alexander Jack, Co. H
Account of Captivity in Confederate Prisons - by Martin Riley, Co. K
"Familiar Camping Ground" (Siege of Chattanooga) in Port Byron Globe: Apr 24, 1885 - author not given [Marcellus Metzgar], Co. H
"General G. W. Roberts and Stone River," Roberts' Brigade Including 51st Illinois at Stones River, by Frederic Thompson, Co. K
"One of the Last to Leave Andersonville," by Theodore Eads, Co. C
"November 1864: Pulaski to Franklin," by Merritt B. Atwater, Co. G
"Fifty-First Illinois Regiment: A Chapter in Its History—The Battle of Kenesaw Mountain—List of Casualties," by Lewis Raymond, Chaplain
"At Kenesaw: The Desperate Rush of the 51st Ill. to Within a Few Feet of the Works," by Theodore Brown, Co D
"Account of the Battle of Stones River," by Otis Moody, Co K
"The Evacuation of New Madrid," by Major Samuel Raymond

Private Edward L. Tabler: Genealogy, Prairie History, Civil War Letters and Diaries
The Genealogy of Edward Tabler  
Biographical Sketch of Tabler's Father, Nathaniel Edward Tabler Letter, Mar 15 1863, Murfreesboro
Migration of Cryders and Tablers to Illinois Edward Tabler Letter, Nov 12 1863, Chattanooga
Private Edward Tabler's Obituary Edward Tabler Letter, Nov 7 1864, Pulaski TN
Edward Tabler's 1862-65 Itinerary with the 51st Annotations to Tabler's Diaries by Wm. Edward Henry
Tabler Diary: January through June, 1862 Private Tabler's Personality by Wm Edward Henry
Tabler Diary: July through February 9, 1863 Tabler Interest: Murrell, Great Western Land Pirate
Tabler Diary: January through June, 1863  
Tabler Diary: July through December, 1863  
Tabler Diary: January through June, 1864  
Part I of Tabler's Diary Unedited  
Part II of Tabler's Diary Unedited  

Soldier Photos & Biographical Sketches Soldier Photos & Biographical Sketches
Regimental Photographs Regimental Photographs
Bailie, Gilbert: Pvt. Co E
Bellows, George. Capt. Co F
Bradley, Luther: Colonel
Bradley, Luther: Autobiographical Sketch
Brown, Theodore: Capt. Co D
Cailey, George: Pvt. Co B
Caise, Joseph: Cpl. Co C
Coe, Albert: Quartermaster
Cooper, Mark: Pvt. Co F
Cumming, Gilbert: Colonel
Cummings, Silas: Pvt. Co B
Davis, Charles: Lt. Col.
Ebert, Daniel: Sgt. Co K
Eads, Albert: Lt. Co C
Eastburn, Allen: Sgt. Co C
Flott, Daniel: Cpl. Co C
Gerken, Nicolaus: Pvt. Co C
Gilchrist, James: Sgt. Co B
Grabbe, Frederick: Lt. Co G
Greenwood, William: Capt. Co H
Gorham, Edgar: Sgt. Co G
Hall, Henry: Adjutant
Hicks, George: Pvt. Co A
Howland, Henry: Quartermaster
Hull, Edward: Pvt. Co E
Lewis, Merritt: Sgt. Co E
Magee, Thomas: Surgeon
McGillis, Duncan: Pvt. Co B
McWilliams, John: Capt. Co E
Minard, Adolphus: Pvt. Co H
Montanden, James: Capt. Co A
Moody, Otis: Adjutant
Morton, William, Cpl. Co E
Nicholson, William: Cpl. Co H
Odom, George: Musician Co A
Raymond, Lewis: Chaplain
Raymond, Samuel: Lieut. Col.
Reed, David: Pvt. Co H
Renner, Harrison: Pvt. Co A
Sedgwick, James: Sgt. Co B
Shirts, Jacob: Principal Musician
Sims, Alemuel: Pvt. Co C
Sims, Amanuel: Pvt. Co C
Skidmore, James: Lt. Co F
Stott, James: Pvt. Co G
Stovall, James: Cook, Co F
Tidmarsh, William: Bandleader
Tilton, Albert: Capt. Co C
Tilton, Robert: Cpl. Co C
Waterman, George: Capt. Co F
Weeks, Benjamin: Pvt. Co F
Wolfe, Leonard: Pvt. Co H
Yelton, Oliver: Sgt. Co B

Additional Biographical Sketches Additional Biographical Sketches
Abbott, Isaac: Pvt. Co H
Allen, Stephen: Pvt. Co H
Bowker, Millard: Pvt. Co H
Anthony, Cyrus: Capt. Co B
Buck, Henry: Lt. Co K
Butler, Orson: Lt. Co D
Case, John: Pvt. Co H
Dieter, John: Pvt. Co B
English, David: Pvt. Co E
Genung, Louis: Sgt. Co H
Halladay, Alfred: Cpl. Co E
Harrington, Eli: Pvt. Co H
Hill, Reuben: Band
Hoel, George: Pvt. Co C
Holbert, William: Pvt. Co K
Kierstead, John: Pvt. Co G
Lane, Jacob: Pvt. Co F
Lansdown, A. Kiser: Pvt. Co H
Lindy, William: Pvt. Co H
Lyon, Rufus: Pvt. Co C
McBride, John: Pvt. Co D
Mee, William: Pvt. Co H
Merrick, Charles: Cpt. Co G
Metzgar, Marcellus: Sgt. Co H
Moore, Jasper: Pvt. Co C
Rambo, George: Pvt. Co C
Rambo, John: Sgt. Co C
Reed, John: Pvt. Co E
Riley, Martin: Cpl. Co K
Mathew Romine: Cpl. Co E
Sheppard, James: Pvt. Co H
Schoonover, Hiram: Pvt. Co F
Siebert, Frederick: Pvt. Co K
Smedley, George: Pvt. Co F
Smith, Solomon: Band
Spaid, George: Sgt. Co H
Trent, Henry: Lt. Co H
Walton, David: Pvt. Co E
White, William: Pvt. Co H
Wing, George: Pvt. Co C
Winterringer, Harris: Pvt. Co E
Yuncker, George: Sgt. Co G

Gravestones Gravestones
Abbott, Isaac: Pvt. Co H, Cordova IL
Allen, Stephen: Pvt. Co H, Port Byron IL
Ames, Simeon: Pvt. Co B, Corinth MS
Anthony, Cyrus: Capt. Co B, Maryville MO
Bailie, Andrew: Pvt. Co E, Mason IL
Bailie, Gilbert: Pvt. Co E, Altamont IL
Benson, John: Pvt. Co A, Corinth MS
Bishop, William: Pvt. Co H, Rosehill Cem., Chicago
Bradley, Luther: Colonel, Arlington National Cemetery
Brown, Theodore: Capt. Co D, Graceland Cem., Chicago
Buck, Henry: Adjutant, Chattanooga National Cemetery
Butler, Orson: Lt. Co D, Columbus NE
Caise, Joseph: Cpl. Co C, St. Anne IL
Canady, Horace: Pvt. Co C, Corinth MS
Case, John: Pvt. Co H, Port Byron IL
Chamberlain, Augustus, Pvt. Co C, Corinth MS
Davis, Charles: Lt. Col., Chicago
Dieter, John: Pvt. Co B, Humphrey NE
Dunn, George: Pvt. Co H, Corinth MS
French, Milton: Capt. 22nd Illinois, Chattanooga National Cemetery
Genung, Louis: Sgt. Co H, Hastings IA
Gerken, Nicolaus: Pvt. Co C, Northbrook (Shermerville) IL
Gilchrist, James: Sgt. Co B, Orvil Twnshp IL
Halladay, Alfred: Cpl. Co E, Wise County TX
Harrington, Eli: Pvt. Co H, New Market IA
Hicks, George: Pvt. Co A, Wauconda IL
Hill, Reuben: Band, Wauconda IL
Hoel, George: Pvt. Co C, Chattanooga National Cemetery
Kierstead, John: Pvt. Co G, Breckinridge CO
Lane, Jacob: Pvt. Co F, Pagusa Springs CO
Lindsey, James: Pvt. Co B, Rosehill Cem., Chicago
Lindy, William: Pvt. Co H, Andersonville
Lyon, Rufus: Pvt. Co C, Rosehill Cem., Chicago
Merrick, Charles: Cpt. Co G, Malcom IA
Metzgar, Marcellus: Pvt. Co H, Port Byron IL
Meyer, Phillip: Pvt. Co G, Rosehill Cem., Chicago
Moody, Otis: Adjutant, Chattanooga National Cemetery
Moore, Jasper N.: Pvt. Co C, Iroquois County IL
Nicholson, William: Cpl. Co H, Port Byron IL
Raymond, Lewis: Chaplain, Graceland Cem., Chicago
Raymond, Samuel: Lt. Col., Graceland Cem., Chicago
Reed, David: Pvt. Co H - Blue Springs NE
Reed, John: Pvt. Co E, Boulder CO
Renner, Harrison: Pvt. Co A, Laclede County, MO
Riley, Martin: Cpl. Co K - Keokuk IA
Rosa, William: Pvt. Co H, Corinth MS
Schoonover, Hiram: Pvt. Co F, Lewistown IL
Sheppard, James: Pvt. Co H, Port Byron IL
Shirts, Jacob: Musician Co G, Chanute KS
Siebert, Frederick: Pvt. Co K, Northbrook (Shermerville) IL
Simons, Albert: Lt. Co G, Chattanooga National Cemetery
Smedley, George: Pvt. Co F, Nemaha Co. NE
Smith, Levi: Pvt. Co C, Shiloh TN
Smith, Solomon: Band, Wauconda IL
Spaid, George: Sgt. Co H, Port Byron IL
Stott, James: Pvt. Co G, Bevier MO
Tabler, Edward: Pvt. Co K, Aux Sable IL
Tilton, Albert: Capt. Co C, Leicester NY
Tilton, Henry: 24th Battery, NY Lgt Art - Andersonville
Tilton, Robert: Cpl. Co C, Leicester NY
Trent, Henry: Lt. Co H, Port Byron IL
Walton, David: Pvt. Co E, Bethany, MO
White, William: Pvt. Co H, Zuma Twnshp IL
Wing, George: Pvt. Co C, Tallapoosa GA
Winterringer, Harris: Pvt. Co E - Mason IL
Yuncker, George: Sgt. Co G, Macon MO

Pictures Pictures
Chickamauga - Viniard Farm and Field Album Camp Douglas, Chicago
51st Illinois Monument at Chickamauga Stairs Down to Rosehill Cemetery, Chicago
Chickamauga Plaque: 51st on Sept 19 1862 Graves at Rosehill, Soldiers Dead at Camp Douglas
East Viniard Field Battleground, Sept 19 1863 Digging up the Dead in the Civil War
Chickamauga Hospital: The Gordon-Lee Mansion Civil War Ambulance and Ambulance Train
51st Illinois Graves at Chattanooga Natl Cemetery 1000 Andersonville Graves
Men of 51st on Lookout Mountain, Spring 1864 Trench-Burying a Dead Man at Andersonville
Franklin Tennessee Terrain Corporal Lyman Needham, Co K, 42nd Illinois
Grabbe's Valise, His Floating Beehive & Abana Bottled Water  
Military Documents Military Documents
Regimental Stationery: November, 1861 Court Martial of Edward Burns
Reenlistment Papers for Fredrick Grabbe Corporal Appointment for George Yuncker
Recruiting Formalities: Theodore Brown Discharge Paper: James Stott
Prisoner of War Slip: James Sedgwick Printed Co G Roster, November 1863

Mementos: Miscellanea and Collectanea Which Have Appeared on These Pages from Time to Time
Mementos 1 | Mementos 2 | Mementos 3