Adjutant Henry Ware Hall
Company B

[incomplete sketch]

Hall was born on March 21, 1839 in Dorchester, Massachusetts. He was the son of Rev. Nthaniel Hall. He attended Harvard College for two years and completed his studies in two more years at Antioch College in Ohio.

Henry Hall was killed at 11:00 in the forenoon in the doomed assault on Kennesaw Mountain. Colonel Bradley wrote to Lieutenant Colonel Davis, who was at the time absent from the regiment recovering from wounds, "No death among us has touched me like Hall's."

The colonel wrote further, "He was the most gallant man I ever saw... His conduct in this affair came as fully to the heroic as anything I can imagine." Major Henry Rust of the Twenty-Seventh Illinois (which tried Kennesaw Mountain with the Fifty-First) wrote to a friend, Hall's "was a courage, born of a sense of duty, giving him, in the seething cauldron of battle, the complete control of all his faculties."


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