Regimental Photographs


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Duncan McGillis
Private, Company B

Otis Moody
Lieutenant, Company K

John G. McWilliams
Captain, Company E

James E. Montanden
Captain, Company A

George M. Odom
Musician, Company A

George Bellows
Captain, Company F

Gilbert W. Cumming
Colonel, Field & Staff

David U. Reed
Private, Company H

Luther P. Bradley
Colonel, Field & Staff

William Morton
Lieutenant, Company E

Henry W. Hall
Lieutenant, Company B

William Lindy & William Mee
Company H
Andersonville Graves

Louis Genung, Co H
Eli Harrington, Co H

Letter of Henry Buck
Lieutenant, Company K

George Wing
Private, Company C

Albert M. Tilton
Captain, Company C

Robert A. Tilton
Corporal, Company C

James H. Sedgwick
Sergeant, Company B

John Kierstead, Co G
Jacob Lane, Company F
John Reed, Co E

1861 Regimental Letterhead
Cumming to C.C.C. Carr
Recruiting for Cavalry Company

Charles Wilder Davis
Adjutant, Major, Lt Colonel
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William H. Greenwood
Captain, Co H

Frederick Grabbe
Lieutenant, Co G

James Stovall
Cook, Co F

Cyrus Anthony, Private Co K
Lt. Co G, Adjutant, Capt. Co B

Henry Howland

Gilbert B. Bailie
& His Brothers, Co E

Theodore F. Brown
Captain, Co D

Silas Cummings
Private, Co B

James Stott
Private, Co G

Edgar B. Gorham
Sergeant, Co G

Adolphus P. Minard
Private, Co H

Lewis Raymond
Regimental Chaplain

Jacob Shirts
Principal Musician

Leonard Wolfe
Private, Co H

David W. English
Private, Co E

Benjamin F. Weeks
Private, Co F

Men of 51st
Lookout Mtn TN, 1864

Harrison Renner
Private, Co A

George Waterman
Captain, Co F

John L. McBride
Private, Co D

George F. Cailey
Private, Co B

Edward E. Hull
Private, Co E

Herman Mengershausen
Private, Co F

Harris Winterringer
Private, Co E
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George Hoel
Private, Co C

Oliver P. Yelton
Sergeant, Co B

Jasper N. Moore
Private, Co C

James Gilchrist
Sergeant, Co B

William Nicholson
Private, Co H

Joseph Caise
Private, Co C

Alfred Halladay
Corporal, Co E

Allen Eastburn
Private, Co C

Mark Cooper
Private, Co F

David Walton
Private, Co E

Orson Butler
Lieutenant, Co D

John Dieter
Private, Co B

George W. Smedley
Private, Co F

George Yuncker
Sergeant, Co G

Daniel Flott, John Rambo
George Rambo, Co C

Albert Eads
Lieutenant, Co C

Henry Augustine
Captain, Co I

James Skidmore
Lieutenant, Co F

Company G
November 1863 Roster

Hiram Schoonover
Sergeant, Co F

Martin V. Riley
Corporal, Co K

Edward Tabler
Private, Co K

Albert Coe

Merritt Lewis
Sergeant, Co E

Thomas Magee
Regimental Surgeon

Daniel Ebert
Sergeant, Co K

Samuel Raymond
Lieutenant Colonel

Frederick Siebert
Private, Co K

George Hicks
Private, Co A

William Tidmarsh, & The Band
Solomon Smith, Reuben Hill

The Sims Twins
Privates, Co C

Charles Merrick
Captain, Co G