Tabler's Diary for July to December 1862

(Edited for Spelling, Punctuation, and Capitalization.)

July, 1862

Tuesday, July 1st
On picket, in the rain.  Good health.  Fighting before Richmond.  Turkey Bend Battle.

Wednesday, July 2nd
Came off picket, and all is well.  Fighting before Richmond.

Thursday, July 3rd
All quiet in camp.  Fighting before Richmond.

Friday, July 4th
The 4th day of July, and I am on guard duty, in the state of Mississippi, Tishomingo Co., in the Army.  All is quiet.

Saturday, July 5th
Camp is quiet.

Sunday, July 6th
All quiet in camp.  Got marching orders, but did not go.

Monday, July 7th
All quiet.  Battalion Drill in the evening.  My health is good.

Tuesday, July 8th
Nothing going on yet, only camp doings.

Wednesday, July 9th
All quiet in camp. I have the toothache.

Thursday, July 10th
All quiet in camp, and feel some better.  Lazing on my bed made of coffee sacks.

Friday, July 11th
Was detailed to help in the hospital this day, and I was unwell myself. All quiet in camp.

Saturday, July 12th
Twelve men on guard today.  All quiet, feel about the same as usual.

Sunday, July 13th
Camp all quiet.  No better this day, but still trusting in God for my recovery.

Monday, July 14th
All quiet in camp.  On guard, at the well.

Tuesday, July 15th
Camp all quiet this Day of Our Lord, 1862.

Wednesday, July 16th
Uncle Sam is not doing much at present here, only drilling his boys.  My health is about as it has been for the last week.

Thursday, July 17th
Rained all night.  Has the appearance of a rainy day.

Friday, July 18th
All quiet in camp.  I feel better.

Saturday, July 19th
Camp quiet.

Sunday, July 20th
Getting ready to move to East Port.  Iím getting pretty well again.

Monday, July 21st
Commenced our march at 6 A.M., marched about 10 miles and halted, marched again about 4 miles, and halted for the night.

Tuesday, July 22nd
Commenced our march this morning, 9 A.M.  Halted at Burnsville until 4 P.M., when we commenced our march again.  It rained all night.

Wednesday, July 23rd
Commenced our march at 6 P.M., marched to Iuka and halted awhile, when we commenced our march again.

Thursday, July 24th
Commenced our march this morning at 7 A.M.  Marched 15 miles, and camped..

Friday, July 25th
Commenced marching this morning at 7 A.M.  Marched to Tuscumbia, and halted.

Saturday, July 26th
Rose at 12 oíclock, and commenced marching.  Marched 11 miles, and took breakfast.  Marched 6 miles further, and halted at the big bridge, for the day.

Sunday, July 27th
Commenced marching this morning at 5 A.M., and marched to the next town, 8 miles, and halted Courtland.

Monday, July 28th
Started on our march this morning at half-past 4 in the morning.  Arrived at camp on the R.R. at 12 oíclock.  This is our camp at present.

Tuesday, July 29th
After a march of 8 days, of near 120 miles, we camp on the R.R., guarding a bridge.  My health is good again.  On guard.

Wednesday, July 30th
Building breastworks of cotton bales.  Eat stewed peaches for dinner.  I am well, at present.

Thursday, July 31st
The 31st day of July, two Companies of us, H & K, are camped on the railroad, guarding a bridge.  Got breastworks built of cotton bales.  God knows how long we will remain here.  The month of July has passed by, and I am still alive, thanks be to God.  I have been 7 months in the Army, I have endured a great many hardships, learned a great deal about military matters, seen considerable of the world and the people that inhabit it, and I feel that I must live and learn.

August, 1862

Friday, August 1st
All quiet in our camp this day.  On guard.  My health is good, at present.

Saturday, August 2nd
All quiet in camp.  Cleaning up our camp.

Sunday, August 3rd
All inside our breastworks is peaceably situated.  Iím on guard this Day Of The Lord.

Monday, August 4th
All quiet in our little fortification.  My health is still good.

Tuesday, August 5th
All quiet in Camp Rose.

Wednesday, August 6th
On guard this day.  All quiet in camp.  My health is good.  One of our men badly wounded by the Enemy, while fixing the telegraph wire.

Thursday, August 7th
Camp quiet today.  I am still alive and well.

Friday, August 8th
All quiet in our small fort.  Tending on the wounded soldier.  In good health.

Saturday, August 9th
The weather is mild.  Fort Rose is quiet.  My health is good.  On guard.  Bridges burned again.

Sunday, August 10th
The Lordís Day, and all is alive and well.  Bridges repaired again.

Monday, August 11th
All quiet in Fort Rose.  On guard.  My health is generally good.

Tuesday, August 12th
Nothing going on today.

Wednesday, August 13th
Fort quiet this day.  I am well, at present.

Thursday, August 14th
On guard this day.

Friday, August 15th
Fort quiet this day.  My health still good.

Saturday, August 16th
All is quiet this Day Of Our Lord, 1862.  On guard.  Donít feel very well.

Sunday, August 17th
Fort Rose all quiet.  I feel better.

Monday, August 18th
Fort all quiet.  I am tolerably well, and a set of rowdies are on my bunk.

Tuesday, August 19th
On the 19th day of Aug., 1862, fort is all quiet.  On guard.

Wednesday, August 20th
Fort all quiet.  I am getting stout again.

Thursday, August 21st
I am alive and well.  Fort all ... no disturbance yet.

Friday, August 22nd
Pulling down our breastworks, and getting ready to move.  On guard today.

Saturday, August 23rd
Left Fort Rose this morning, at 10 A.M.  Marched 7 miles and halted for the day, on the R.R.

Sunday, August 24th
Started for Decatur this morning, at 6 A.M.  Reached Decatur at 11 P.M.., all safe.

Monday, August 25th
All quiet in Decatur.

Tuesday, August 26th
Decatur all quiet.  On guard.

Wednesday, August 27th
Decatur all quiet.  My health is good.

Thursday, August 28th
All quiet in Decatur.  I am well this morning, thanks be to God.

Friday, August 29th
All quiet in Decatur.  Went out aíforaging in the evening.

Saturday, August 30th
Got shot last night, near the eye, with a shot from a shotgun.  All quiet this day.

Sunday, August 31st
All quiet in Decatur.  Mustered in for pay.  Another has expired, and I am still alive and well.

September, 1862

Monday, September 1st
Decatur is all quiet.  On guard.  The camp aroused tonight by an accident, a man shot himself in the foot, and then hollered.

Tuesday, September 2nd
All quiet in Decatur.

Wednesday, September 3rd
All is well in Decatur.  I am still alive and well.

Thursday, September 4th
The troops moving through Decatur.  All is quiet.  Getting ready to march.

Friday, September 5th
Burning camp fuel.  Niggers coming in.  Crossed over the river at 9 P.M., and commenced our march up the river.  Burned the ferry-boat.

Saturday, September 6th
Rose at 4 in the morning, and commenced marching at daylight.

Sunday, September 7th
Commenced marching, marched 15 miles and waded the Elk River, and going on, made 25 miles.

Monday, September 8th
Commenced marching this morning at half-past 4, all quiet, made 20 miles.

Tuesday, September 9th
Rose at Half-past 3, started to march at 5.  Now at Columbia.  Our rear attacked.

Wednesday, September 10th
Shelled Columbia, and marched 18 miles.  Secesh all along and all awhile firing on us.

Thursday, September 11th
Marched until 4 P.M., was very tired.  Made 23 _ miles.  Within 3 miles of Nashville.

Friday, September 12th
Lying still, within 3 miles of the city this day.  Came within 12 hours of being cut off at Hollow Tree Gap.

Saturday, September 13th
Lying still, within 5 miles of Nashville.  Nothing going on.  The prospect of the war looks gloomy.  I am still alive and well.

Sunday, September 14th
All quiet before Nashville.  Had Battalion Drill.  Marched out, and shot off our guns.

Monday, September 15th
Moved up to the city.  Went on picket.

Tuesday, September 16th
Pitched our tents in Nashville.  All quiet.

Wednesday, September 17th
Nashville all quiet.  Rather a blustery day today.

Thursday, September 18th
All quiet.  Went out foraging.

Friday, September 19th
The Regt. on picket.  All quiet.

Saturday, September 20th
Nashville all quiet.  My health is not so good.  A good deal of business going on in town.  A death in the Regt.  Frost last night.

Sunday, September 21st
This day Sunday, and my birthday.  I, with about one hundred others, worked on the breastworks in Nashville.

Monday, September 22nd
On guard this day.  All quiet in Nashville.  Thank God my health is good once more.

Tuesday, September 23rd
All quiet this day.  Had a day of rest.

Wednesday, September 24th
Nothing going on today.

Thursday, September 25th
All quiet this day.  My health is generally good.

Friday, September 26th
Went out foraging this day, with a train of one hundred and twenty-four wagons.  Seen some armed Rebels, but they dare not attack.

Saturday, September 27th
On guard this day.  Thank God my health is good.

Sunday, September 28th
This day, the 28th, all is well, and havenít heard from home yet.

Monday, September 29th
All quiet yet.  Now work on the entrenchments.  Didnít feel very well, and got excused.

Tuesday, September 30th
Nashville all quiet.  I feel better today, not bad enough to go to the Surgeon.

October, 1862

Wednesday, October 1st
On picket this day.

Thursday, October 2nd
All quiet in Nashville.  No word from home yet.

Friday, October 3rd
Rain this morning.  All quiet as yet.

Saturday, October 4th
Allís well in Nashville.  My health is getting good again.  The guerillas getting used up by the first team.

Sunday, October 5th
Nashville all quiet as yet.  I am well, thank God.  Heard two sermons preached this day.

Monday, October 6th
This day, the 6th of Oct., all is quiet on picket, and a beautiful night.

Tuesday, October 7th
Had a skirmish with the Enemy.  Nashville all quiet.  Our troops encountered a nest of Rebels 12 miles from this city, at a place called Myrta, and routed them.

Wednesday, October 8th
Nothing this day but old camp duties going on.  My health is good.

Thursday, October 9th
On guard this day, and all is well.  Nashville all quiet.

Friday, October 10th
A rainy day.  All is quiet yet.  From Bowling Green, by wagon, reached here, consisting of 1700 wagons with supplies.

Saturday, October 11th
Started to go foraging, but returned bare.  Nashville all quiet this morning.  Went on a stove hunt this evening.

Sunday, October 12th
Went foraging, 16 miles there and back, and was very tired.

Monday, October 13th
Went on picket this day, and was ordered on light duty by the Surgeon.  All quiet in Nashville today.

Tuesday, October 14th
Came off picket this morning.  All was quiet during the 24 hours.  I feel better this morning, thank God.

Wednesday, October 15th
All quiet this day in Nashville.  On guard. My health is good again.

Thursday, October 16th
All quiet in Nashville.  No news from home yet. Went to meeting this evening.

Friday, October 17th
My health is good.  Nothing of much importance going on today, only camp duty.

Saturday, October 18th
7 P.M., and no Rebels yet, as was reported.  Moved into our winter quarters this afternoon.

Sunday, October 19th
On guard this day, all quiet.  My health is good.  Living on half rations yet.

Monday, October 20th
All quiet in Nashville.  The Regiment fell in under arms this morning, preparatory to an attack.

Tuesday, October 21st
On picket this day.  Allís quiet.  Frost this night.

Wednesday, October 22nd
Nashville all quiet.  Came off picket this morning.  All was quiet during the night.

Thursday, October 23rd
On picket again.  Met with no accident.  All quiet along the line.

Friday, October 24th
Came off picket.  I am well, thank The Lord.  No news from home.

Saturday, October 25th
All quiet in the barracks this morning.  Snowed last night.

Sunday, October 26th
Nashville quiet.  Snow on the ground.

Monday, October 27th
On picket.  All quiet on the line.  Froze ice last night.

Tuesday, October 28th
Came off picket this morning, and marched out and fired at a mark.

Wednesday, October 29th
All quiet.  Went foraging, marched 15 miles.  No resistance on the road.

Thursday, October 30th
All quiet.  On fatigue, cutting down trees.

Friday, October 31st
On cotton guard this day.  All quiet here.  My health is good.  1/4 lbs. fresh beef, or 3/4 of a lb. of bacon, one manís rations.

November, 1862

Saturday, November 1st
All quiet this day of Our Lord, 1862.

Sunday, November 2nd
Nashville all quiet.  I am well.  No news from home.  The war progressing as usual.

Monday, November 3rd
Nothing transpired today.  Still in the barracks at Nashville, waiting the progression of the war.

Tuesday, November 4th
Nashville all quiet as yet.  Mail expected soon.  My health is good, thanks The Giver of All Good.  On picket.

Wednesday, November 5th
A skirmish on the picket line this morning.  The Rebels driven back, with the loss of 10 men killed, and several wounded.

Thursday, November 6th
Called up at 2 A.M. in the morning.  Stacked our guns, and was ready for an attack, but all was silent.

Friday, November 7th
Went after supplies to Mitchelville, 40 miles distant.  General Rosecransí Army coming into Nashville.  All quiet.

Saturday, November 8th
Lying at Mitchelville, getting supplies ready to go to Nashville.  Detailed to guard a wagon. A general Illumination of Troops here today.

Sunday, November 9th
Commenced our march for Nashville this morning, at 2 A.M., with a train of over 400 wagons.  Camped 10 miles from town.

Monday, November 10th
Came in the city this morning, all safe, with our train all safe.

Tuesday, November 11th
All quiet in this place.  Nothing going on today, but the duties of camp.

Wednesday, November 12th
A rainy day, on camp guard.  All quiet here.  Received ten letters this day.

Thursday, November 13th
Writing letters today.  All quiet on the Cumberland.

Friday, November 14th
All quiet on the Cumberland.

Saturday, November 15th
All quiet this day.  Writing letters this of Our Lord, 1862.

Sunday, November 16th
On picket.  All quiet on ... but a skirmish ... shelled the Rebels.

Monday, November 17th
All quiet on the line.

Tuesday, November 18th
All quiet on the Cumberland.

Wednesday, November 19th
Moved back to our old camp, on the hill.  On camp guard.

Thursday, November 20th
All quiet this morning in Nashville.  The Regiment on picket.  Went on picket this evening.

Friday, November 21st
Came off picket this morning.  All quiet on the line.

Saturday, November 22nd
Nashville all quiet.  Troops marching through the city.

Sunday, November 23rd
Allís well this morning in Nashville.  Just lollygagging.

Monday, November 24th
On picket.  All quiet along the line.

Tuesday, November 25th
Nashville all quiet.  My health good.

Wednesday, November 26th
All quiet this day.

Thursday, November 27th
On picket.  All quiet on the Cumberland.

Friday, November 28th
All quiet on the Cumberland today.

Saturday, November 29th
On picket.  All quiet on the line.

Sunday, November 30th
All is well.  Went to meeting.

December, 1862

Monday, December 1st
All quiet on the Cumberland.  Heavy rain last night.  Went to meeting.

Tuesday, December 2nd
Went foraging.  Rose at 3 A.M., and returned at 8 P.M. in the evening.  Nothing of importance transpired.

Wednesday, December 3rd
Allís well this morning, thank God.

Thursday, December 4th
On picket, all quiet on the line.

Friday, December 5th
Nashville this morning.  Snow storm this morning.

Saturday, December 6th
All quiet on the Cumberland.  Mr. Parks probably taken prisoner.

Sunday, December 7th
All quiet on the Cumberland.  On camp guard.

Monday, December 8th
Nashville quiet.  My health is ... good.

Tuesday, December 9th
On guard this morning.  The Brigade all fell in to go on a scout, but the order was countermanded.

Wednesday, December 10th
Our things all packed, ready to march, and marched out 6 miles and camped.

Thursday, December 11th
Camped on a hill, 6 miles from town, south.  All quiet.

Friday, December 12th
All quiet in camp, south of Nashville.  I paid a visit to the boys in the 36th Illinois Regt. All well.

Saturday, December 13th
This is a warm morning.  Symptoms of rain.  All quiet here.

Sunday, December 14th
Brigade Inspection.  All quiet along the line.  My health is good.

Monday, December 15th
On picket this day.  A few shots fired, but done no harm.

Tuesday, December 16th
All quiet this morning.  Rained all last night.

Wednesday, December 17th
Things quiet in camp.  On guard.

Thursday, December 18th
The 18th day of the month, all is well, no fighting.

Friday, December 19th
All quiet on the Cumberland.  Had a Skirmish Drill.  Allís well.

Saturday, December 20th
All quiet on the Cumberland.  Went foraging.  No Rebels seen.

Sunday, December 21st
The Army all quiet this day.  My health good.

Monday, December 22nd
On picket, all quiet along the line.

Tuesday, December 23rd
All is well in camp.  All quiet last night on the picket lines.

Wednesday, December 24th
Had an order to march at daylight this morning, but the order was countermanded.

Thursday, December 25th
Did not march.  Pitched tents, and camp guard this day.

Friday, December 26th
Left camp this morning, marched to meet the Enemy.  Skirmishing and cannonading.  Took one gun.  Rained on us all night.

Saturday, December 27th
The troops marching by.  Some skirmishing and cannonading.  Camped at Tupello.  Rained all day.

Sunday, December 28th
The sun rose bright this morning.  No move today.  All quiet.  Clear weather.

Monday, December 29th
Marched across to the Murfreesboro Pike, 5 miles.  This is a nice day.  Hills and valleys here.  Closing on to Murfreesboro.

Tuesday, December 30th
Skirmishing all day.  Sixteen of our Company, with myself, skirmish 4 hours in the face of the Enemy.  Four wounded.

Wednesday, December 31st
A great fight this day.  Our Brigade surrounded, but managed to get ...  Made two or three successful charges.  Drove 5th Tenn. right out of a crest of rocks, with 2 Regts. Ė 51st & 27th Ill.  The battle still going on, to what result is not yet known.

January, 1863

Tabler's first diary book continues into 1863, through February 9.

Thursday, January 1st
Built breastworks. Held our position. Beat back the Enemy once.

Friday, January 2nd
Was out skirmishing all day. The Enemy did not show himself. Nothing but his pickets was seen.

Saturday, January 3rd
A great deal of skirmishing going on. Raining. 22 oz. of flour Ė one manís rations, or three meals. Quite a battle on the left, between sundown and dark. Murfreesboro evacuated.
Clothing List: 1 Blanket 2.95, 1 Overcoat 7.50, 1 Pair Pants 3.09, 1 Shirt 1.14, 1 Shoes 1.94, 1 Drawers .50, 1 Cap 1.30, 1 Dress coat 6.50, 1 Blouse 2.63, 1 Socks .25, 27.74.
Clothing List: 1 Blanket 2.95, 1 Overcoat 7.50, 2 Pair Pants 6.06, 3 Shirts 3.42, 2 Pr. Shoes 3.88, 2 Pr. Drawers 1.00, 2 Caps 2.60, 1 Dress coat 6.50, 2 Blouses 4.66, 2 P. Socks .50, 39.07.

Co. K Muster Roll

1 Anthony Detailed 33 Pain For Duty
2 Bortal Deserted 34 Parks For Duty
3 Baker Died 35 Peterson For Duty
4 Burns For Duty 36 Phillips Clerk
6 Cochran For Duty 38 Davenport Drummer
7 Cook For Duty 39 Woolfer Drummer
8 Cole For Duty 40 Riley For Duty
9 Campbell Died 41 Raymond Deserted
10 Campbell Deserted 42 Robertson Teamster
11 Duffie For Duty 43 Redington Telegraph Operator
12 Dietz Sick Furlough 44 Gosnel Sick Furlough
13 Dennison Died 45 Stack For Duty
14 Ebbert For Duty 46 Stubenbeck For Duty
15 Edwards For Duty 47 Spring For Duty
16 Gale For Duty 48 Service Discharged
17 Gowdy For Duty 49 Thompson For Duty
18 Gesher For Duty 50 Trust For Duty
19 Galhager Died 51 Tabler For Duty
20 Hommes For Duty 52 Hill For Duty
21 Holbert> For Duty 53 Bullock For Duty
22 Holbert Wounded 54 White For Duty
23 May Sick Furlough 55 Wagner For Duty
24 Morland Deserted 56 Wagoner For Duty
25 Merandy Discharged 57 Widger For Duty
26 Murry Deserted 58 Wagener For Duty
27 Neal Died 59 White Sick Furlough
28 Holms Discharged 60 Zering For Duty
29 Owens Discharged 61 Stoel For Duty
30 Monroe Aide in Hospital 62 Swisher Sick Furlough
31 Orr Aide in Hospital 63 Wix Discharged
32 Patterson For Duty 64 Wix Ambulance Driver

List of Clothing: Pr. Boots 3.33, Pr. Socks .25, One Blouse 2.63, Pr. Drawers .50, One Dress coat 6.80, One Shirt 1.14.

Sunday, January 4th
A few shots fired, but to no purpose. Still behind the breastworks. Rosecrans went over the battleground. The 27th 51st Regts. highly complimented by Rosecrans.

Monday, January 5th
All quiet this day. Gone for fresh meat. A great deal of fresh meat consumed.

Tuesday, January 6th
All quiet. Moved about 6 miles south, and camped. Discharging our muskets, burying the dead, and now camped on the bank of Stones River.

Wednesday, January 7th
Camped on Stones River, 3 miles of Murfreesboro.

Thursday, January 8th
All quiet in camp, 3 miles south of Murfreesboro. Cleaning of our camp grounds. I feel better this morning. The wagon train went to Nashville.

Friday, January 9th
Went foraging. Helped pull a load of corn. Returned without meeting any opposition.

Saturday, January 10th
Raining, and no prospect of clear weather. All quiet on Stones River.

Sunday, January 11th
Clear weather. All quiet in Camp Stones River. Fell in under arms, expecting an attack.

Monday, January 12th
The sun rose bright this morning. Nothing but camp duty going on.

Tuesday, January 13th
Nothing going on in camp today.
Wednesday, January 14th
On picket this day, on the banks of Stones River. Commenced raining at 4 P.M., and rained steady for 16 hours.

Thursday, January 15th
Quit raining, and commenced snowing.

Friday, January 16th
Nothing doing, all quiet. Cold weather.

Saturday, January 17th
Cold and quiet. Nothing much but chopping wood.

Sunday, January 18th
All quiet on Stones River.

Monday, January 19th
Camp quiet _______ Weather blustery.

Tuesday, January 20th
Went on picket. All quiet, and rainy.

Wednesday, January 21st
Camp quiet this day.

Thursday, January 22nd
All quiet in camp.

Friday, January 23rd
On picket this day. A nice time. All quiet.

Saturday, January 24th
Camp quiet. Raining.

Sunday, January 25th
Camp quiet. Saw a fight with the boys. All quiet in camp.

Monday, January 26th
All quiet in camp.

Tuesday, January 27th
Snowing and raining.

Wednesday, January 28th
All quiet in camp.

Thursday, January 29th
Camp quiet.

Friday, January 30th
Went foraging. Walked 14 miles. Had a skirmish.

Saturday, January 31st
Camp all quiet. On picket.

February, 1863

Sunday, February 1st
Nothing going on in camp.

Monday, February 2nd
Camp quiet.

Tuesday, February 3rd
On picket. No hindrance.

Wednesday, February 4th
Camp quiet.

Thursday, February 5th
On picket. All quiet.

Friday, February 6th
All quiet.

Saturday, February 7th
Camp quiet.

Sunday, February 8th
Camp quiet.

Monday, February 9th
Camp quiet.

Edward L. Tabler
On the Memphis & Charleston Railroad
Camp Big Spring
Tishomingo, Mississippi

Edward Leroy Tabler, born
In the year 1840 of Our Lord.