Tablerís Diary For 1862
(Edited for spelling, punctuation and capitalization.)

Wednesday, January 1st
Commenced being a soldier, in the barracks at Chicago.  All is quiet now, the first day of January.

Thursday, January 2nd
Drilling today.  I spent some of my time, in which I improved somewhat.

Friday, January 3rd
Had a prayer meeting, in which spent my time in the barracks at Camp Douglas.

Saturday, January 4th
Drilling again today, as usual, and learning to be a soldier.

Sunday, January 5th
Went to Sunday School this day, it being the Sabbath, and tended meeting in the evening.

Monday, January 6th
Drilling this day again, which is the duty of a soldier.

Tuesday, January 7th
This is the 7th, and Iíve a bad cold.  All is quiet in camp.

Wednesday, January 8th
The soldiers paid off, but did not get my pay, as they only paid to the first of January.

Thursday, January 9th
Drilled again, at the usual hour, and done well.
Friday, January 10th
Drilling again, and have a bad cold.

Saturday, January 11th
I still have a cold, sleeping on these boards.  Drilling again.

Sunday, January 12th
Tended Sunday School again, of which there was quite a number.

Monday, January 13th
Stayed in the barracks all day.  The boys danciní and raising the Old Scratch.  Roll call at 9 oíclock.

Tuesday, January 14th
Had a General Review.  Col. Tucker rode around on his fancy horse.  All the soldiers in camp was out, I with the rest.

Wednesday, January 15th
Escorted the Leadmine Regt. down to town. I did not go.  All the soldiers went but those that was sick.

Thursday, January 16th
Stayed barracks this day.  I still have a bad cold, but eat my rations, which takes great skill, and crowding us.

Friday, January 17th
Drill a little while again, but donít feel very well.

Saturday, January 18th
Drilling again today, feel about as well as usual, still able to be about.

Sunday, January 19th
This morning the boys went to the lake shore, and fired their guns at a target.  I did not go.  Had a General Review in the afternoon.

Monday, January 20th
All is quiet.  The Col. talked to us awhile.  Still have a bad cold and cough.

Tuesday, January 21st
Drill again today, and have Dress Parade, in which we all have to look neat.

Wednesday, January 22nd
Review again, in the afternoon.  Col. Tucker thrown off his horse, but not hurt. My health the same as usual.

Thursday, January 23rd
Nothing much going on in camp today.

Friday, January 24th
The boys drilling by themselves today.  We done well.

Saturday, January 25th
Had a fight, and much noise, in which I took no part.

Sunday, January 26th
Went to Sunday School and meeting.  Had a good time.  Still feel unwell.

Monday, January 27th
Very cold today.  The cold I feel very much.

Tuesday, January 28th
Rained all day.  Donít feel any better, but still able to be about, thanks to God.

Wednesday, January 29th
Nothing much going on.  Feel as well as usual.

Thursday, January 30th
Increasing cold.

Friday, January 31st
Nothing much today.  This is one month spent soldiering, and I am still alive and well.  I find it requires much to be a good soldier, but by the Grace of God assisting, Iím determined do all I can towards The Cause.  Itís first, Iím sure, and we are confident of victory, and the reorganizing of the Government on a better basis than ever was before.

February, 1862

Saturday, February 1st
Drilling again, as usual.

Sunday, February 2nd
All quiet today.  Went to Sunday School.  Still have a cold.

Monday, February 3rd
Drilled in the forenoon.  Some fuss at the guard house.

Tuesday, February 4th
I am sick with a swelling in the face.  Some think it to be the Erysipelas.  I call on the Surgeon for furlough, and accomplishing object.

Wednesday, February 5th
Am on my way home, led by Mr. Parks, with my head all tied up so I canít see, but feel to rejoice to feel I am goiní home.

Thursday, February 6th
Arrived safe, sound, and under the care of Mr. Crany.

Friday, February 7th
Feel pretty sick, but under the tender care of my friends.

Saturday, February 8th
The Doctor thinks I will recover.

Sunday, February 9th
Under the kind care of my brothers, and sister-in-law, and sister-in-lawís sister.

Monday, February 10th
Getting some better.  Guess I will recover.

Tuesday, February 11th
Father has been very sick, but is getting better.  Iím so I can be about.

Wednesday, February 12th
Walking around, to see Father and the family, and got to the school house.

Thursday, February 13th
Went to Morris, received a letter from Capt. to return and report at Headquarters.  Started right off tonight, feeling weak.  Was helped on the cars.

Friday, February 14th
Started for Chicago at 3 A.M.  Arrived in time to go off with the boys.  Left camp at 5 P.M., on rout for Cairo.  Feel some better.

Saturday, February 15th
Got a little coffee at Centralia.  They would not let us out the cars. Arrived at Cairo tonight.

Sunday, February 16th
Went to meeting.  The mud 6 inches deep.  Saw sights already.

Monday, February 17th
Some prisoners came from Fort Donelson, stayed a little while, and then went St. Louis.

Tuesday, February 18th
Iím gaining, slowly.  More prisoners from the Front.

Wednesday, February 19th
Received our arms and equipments.

Thursday, February 20th
Doing little or nothing today.  Plenty of mud here.

Friday, February 21st
Got marching orders.  Cleared a place for our camp, on the Kentucky shore.  Itís a nice place.

Saturday, February 22nd
Was ferried over, and pitched our tents.

Sunday, February 23rd
Was called out last night, under arms, and stood till morning.

Monday, February 24th
Marched back to camp, and shot off our guns at a tree.

Tuesday, February 25th
All quiet today.  Iím still getting better, thank God.

Wednesday, February 26th
Clearing off our camp Ė and drilling some with arms.

Thursday, February 27th
Drilling today, again.  Have the diarrhea some.

Friday, February 28th
Sleep in the tent. On the ground, is the way I sleep.  My health is gaining still.  Drilling today.  Got along pretty well, considering the chance I got.  Mustering for pay.  Another month is gone, and all is well.

March, 1862

Saturday, March 1st
Spring opens with high winds.  The cold drives right through me.

Sunday, March 2nd
Drill is the action of the day.  I am still gaining strength.

Monday, March 3rd
Received marching orders, but donít know when weíll go.

Tuesday, March 4th
Orders to move at 11 A.M.  Cross over the river to Birds Point, and started on the R.R.  Arrived at Bertram, Missouri.

Wednesday, March 5th
Laid on the ground, and nearly froze last night.  Pitched our tents in the afternoon.

Thursday, March 6th
Detailed for guard, but was unwell to go, was excused.

Friday, March 7th
Battalion Drill, about 9 hours.  I stood it pretty well.

Saturday, March 8th
Drilled nearly all day again.  I feel better.  Arrived at 6 P.M., pouring down rain, a forced march of 8 miles.

Sunday, March 9th
Inspection of arms, and started for Sikeston at 8 P.M.

Monday, March 10th
I stood up all night.  It rained all the time.  Started for New Madrid on a forced march of 20 miles, at 7 P.M.  Arrived at 5 A.M., very tired.

Tuesday, March 11th
Advanced this morning a mile, and camped within a half- mile of New Madrid.  Tired, but feel pretty well.

Wednesday, March 12th
All things quiet yet.  Have the diarrhea.

Thursday, March 13th
Expectation of a battle.  Detailed for picket.

Friday, March 14th
The cannonading commenced this morning.  Iím on picket.  The boys went and attacked the Rebels at 6 A.M.  Cannonading ensued, and we returned to camp.

Saturday, March 15th
New Madrid evacuated at 11 P.M., The Stars & Stripes were floating over it.

Sunday, March 16th
Went down to the fort at 3 P.M., hauled a 32 pounder a mile-and-a half.  Got back at 9 A.M., having marched 10 miles.

Monday, March 17th
Have the diarrhea.  Donít feel very well.

Tuesday, March 18th
Skirmish Drill, in which I took part.

Wednesday, March 19th
Skirmish Drill.

Thursday, March 20th

Friday, March 21st
Went on picket. Donít feel well.  Diarrhea.

Saturday, March 22nd
Gone to the Surgeon, took some medicine.

Sunday, March 23rd
General Inspection by General Pope.

Monday, March 24th
Laid down all day.  Felt better by night.

Tuesday, March 25th
Feel some better.

Wednesday, March 26th
Still feel better, and trust in God that I may get well again.

Thursday, March 27th
Ordered by the Surgeon to be as quiet as possible.

Friday, March 28th
Getting better, thank God.

Saturday, March 29th
All quiet today, feel better.

Sunday, March 30th
Drill a little.

Monday, March 31st
Went on camp-guard.  Feel pretty well.  Think I will get along now.  Another month gone, and my life is still spared.  I have stood the times about as well as any of them.

April, 1862

Tuesday, April 1st
Went on picket.  Rained in torrents all night.

Wednesday, April 2nd
Came off picket.  Feel pretty well.

Thursday, April 3rd
Rest awhile, and drill a little.

Friday, April 4th
Nothing doing.  Rest

Saturday, April 5th
Gunboat Corondalet run the blockade last night.

Sunday, April 6th
Cannonading between the gunboats and the Rebels, as there was another run the blockade last night.

Monday, April 7th
Ordered up at 4 A.M., with 2 dayís and a half rations.  Marched to the river at 12 A.M.  Crossed the river, marched 5 miles in pursuit.

Tuesday, April 8th
Rebels surrendered.  Was on guard.  Spent a most miserable night here.  Helped guard 1,000 prisoners.  Was in a cold rain all night.

Wednesday, April 9th
Brought them to New Madrid, and returned to camp.

Thursday, April 10th
Paid off.

Friday, April 11th
All quiet in camp today.  I feel able to do my duty.

Saturday, April 12th
Nothing very important has transpired.

Sunday, April 13th
Expecting an attack.  All drawn up in line of battle.

Monday, April 14th
All quiet.  My health getting pretty good.

Tuesday, April 15th
Went on picket. All quiet during the night.

Wednesday, April 16th
All quiet in camp.

Thursday, April 17th
After going down the river and cruising awhile, we started to reinforce at Corinth.

Friday, April 18th
Still making our way up stream.

Saturday, April 19th
Arrived at Cairo at 6 A.M., where we stopped awhile, then started for Pittsburg Landing.

Sunday, April 20th
Still going up stream.

Monday, April 21st
Going up the Tennessee River.

Tuesday, April 22nd
Arrived at the landing at 1 A.M., got off the boat at 9 A.M.

Wednesday, April 23rd
Encamped 3 miles from the river.

Thursday, April 24th
Grubbed brush, to give range for the cannon.

Friday, April 25th
Here we pitched our tents.

Saturday, April 26th
Everything is quiet yet.  I am well at present.

Sunday, April 27th
Advanced 6 miles.

Monday, April 28th
Pitched tents again.  All is well.

Tuesday, April 29th
Skirmishing going on.

Wednesday, April 30th
Advanced again, 5 miles. Everything quiet.

May, 1862

Thursday, May 1st
Advanced for 11 miles.  My health is pretty good.

Friday, May 2nd
Came off picket at 11 A.M.  All is quiet.

Saturday, May 3rd
Marched to Farmington, where there was 1,400 Rebels camped.  Routed them, killing 150 and wounding 20.  Twenty of our men wounded.  Returned to camp.

Sunday, May 4th
All things quiet round about.

Monday, May 5th
Nothing of any importance has transpired today.  Iím still well.

Tuesday, May 6th
Allís quiet.

Wednesday, May 7th
Went out at 7 A.M., marched within 1/2 mile of Corinth. Skirmishes ensued, in which both sides lost 7 men.  Returned at 12 P.M., having marched 10 miles.

Thursday, May 8th
Went back at 1 A.M..  The Enemy attacked us, drove us back a mile.  Lost knapsacks, blankets.  Loss about 100 men.  A very narrow escape for me.

Friday, May 9th
Stayed in camp today.  My health is good.

Saturday, May 10th
All quiet.

Sunday, May 11th
Went on picket.  Brisk firing between the pickets.

Monday, May 12th
Came off picket.  Allís well.

Tuesday, May 13th
Expecting an attack, all drawn up in line of battle.

Wednesday, May 14th
No attack yet, all quiet in camp.

Thursday, May 15th
Went on picket, all quiet during the night.

Friday, May 16th
All quiet in camp.

Saturday, May 17th
Started to march at sunup, and dug trenches all night.

Sunday, May 18th
Planted cannon all day.

Monday, May 19th
Brisk picket firing.  All well.

Tuesday, May 20th
Brisk picket firing.

Wednesday, May 21st
Made a reconnaissance in force.  Went within 1 mile of Corinth.

Thursday, May 22nd
All quiet in camp.  My health is good.

Friday, May 23rd
Went on picket, stood behind a tree, which during the time the Enemy shot two shots that hit the tree.  Rained all night.

Saturday, May 24th
Came off picket, and had a good time sleeping.

Sunday, May 25th
Tended Church this day.  All quiet.

Monday, May 26th
Silence reigns throughout the camp.

Tuesday, May 27th
All is well.

Wednesday, May 28th
Started from Farmington camp at 8 A.M., and advanced about a mile, the Rebels driven back.  Brisk cannonading on both sides, and considerable musketry.

Thursday, May 29th
Brisk firing between the pickets.  Entrenched ourselves.  Lost several men killed.

Friday, May 30th
Corinth evacuated this night, the 30th of May.  All is well.

Saturday, May 31st
In pursuit of the Enemy.  Camped on the bank of the Tuscumbia, where the Rebels burned the bridges.  This is the last of May, I am still alive and well.  I feel to thank God for his kind protection.  The battle of Fair Oaks, the 31st of May and the 1st of June.

June, 1862

Sunday, June 1st
Carried rails to bridge the river.  Crossed over, passed through Danville.  Five miles beyond, passed through Rienzi and camped on the hill.

Monday, June 2nd
Commenced our march in the morning.  Marched 8 miles to Booneville, where the cars was burned.  Camped here overnight.

Tuesday, June 3rd
Made a reconnaissance of 8 miles, routed the Enemy.  Got back to camp at 10 A.M.

Wednesday, June 4th
All quiet in camp at Booneville.

Thursday, June 5th
Went on picket one mile east of Booneville.  My health is good.

Friday, June 6th
Drawn up in line of battle, then marched west of town 9 miles, and camped.  Memphis surrendered.

Saturday, June 7th
We are quietly encamped here in the woods.

Sunday, June 8th
Meeting at 4 A.M., and I on Camp Guard, but near enough to hear the services.

Monday, June 9th
All quiet in camp today, with the exceptions of troops marching to-and-fro.

Tuesday, June 10th
Marching orders ... some place.

Wednesday, June 11th
Commenced to march at 11 A.M.  Went 10 miles, and halted for the night.  The dust 6 inches deep.  Total eclipse of the moon.

Thursday, June 12th
Commenced our march in the morning at 7 A.M., went about 18 miles, where we are now camped for the night.

Friday, June 13th
Cleaning up our camp ground. All is well, I believe.

Saturday, June 14th
Nothing but camp business going on.  I am still enjoying good health.  In the afternoon, moved a little ways, and camped again.

Sunday, June 15th
All quiet in camp. Iím on guard, and feel well, I believe.

Monday, June 16th
All quiet.  Schubert smokes his pipe.  After a long dusty spell, it has the appearance of rain.  All well, I believe.  High winds this evening.

Tuesday, June 17th
All quiet in camp.  I have been cleaning off the camp.  My health is still good, and Iím still hopes that a better day is coming.

Wednesday, June 18th
All quiet.  A nice, cool day.  Brigade Drill at 5 P.M.  Diarrhea bothers me some.  Cool nights.

Thursday, June 19th
Nothing of importance going on.  Battalion Drill in the evening. Diarrhea bothers me some. Cool nights.

Friday, June 20th
Picket the day.  All quiet.  Troubled with the diarrhea.

Saturday, June 21st
All quiet in camp.  Still camped near Corinth, in the state of Mississippi.

Sunday, June 22nd
Somewhat unwell today.  Tended Church today, and was much comforted thereby.  Nothing much going on.

Monday, June 23rd
All quiet before Corinth.  I feel better today.  Excused from guard.  Diarrhea ceased.

Tuesday, June 24th
Quiet prevails throughout the camp.  I am well this Day of Our Lord, 1862.

Wednesday, June 25th
All quiet in camp, near Corinth.  My health is tolerable good this day.

Thursday, June 26th
Made a trip down the railroad to Rienzi, to see the boys in the 36th Ill.  Got some berries, and brought to camp a few.  Battle of Mechanicsville, in Virginia.

Friday, June 27th
On guard this day.  All quiet in camp.  Fight at Richmond, Battle of Gainsmills.

Saturday, June 28th
It as the appearance of a rainy day.  My health is still spared.  Fighting before Richmond, Battle of Chickahominy.

Sunday, June 29th
Sunday, and allís well. All is quiet in camp, Big Springs in Tishomingo County, Mississippi.  Fighting before Richmond, Peach Orchard and Savage Station.

Monday, June 30th
General Inspection.  Weather cloudy and cool.  Fighting before Richmond, White Oak Swamp and White Oak Creek and Charles City Crossroads.