Chattanooga, November 2, 1863
President New Haven Arms Co.:


I take the liberty to enquire about your Rifle, as I have been an owner of one of them a long time, and through my agency twelve of them have been bought in the regiment and many more would have been bought had I been able to get them in any place, and if I do get any the price is very much increased. In the 51st Illinois it is many that will buy them, and the brigade and division both requested me to write to you for information and a price list and the different kinds made, and how many we can get, or when, and express charges from the factory to Stevenson, Alabama, and if we cannot get some good globe sights or if any telescope sights are made, and their cost. I have took pains to go to the General and get permission to sell them in his command, and also to bring them through. We have now four months pay due us, and the boys will have the money ready to send by express to you when we can know how many we can get.

We used your Rifle in the Battle of Chicamauga with good effect, and it is undoubtedly the best gun in the service, far superior to the Spencer Rifle or any other Rifle, both here and in Europe, as I have served a long time in both armies; but better sights ought to be made for so good a Rifle. I received ten rifles from Bowen in Chicago, but could not get any more just now. Cannot any heavier guns be made to order, or different calibre? Excuse my many enquiries. Your Rifle is my “hobby,” so the boys say, and I like to be able to give them all the information possible, and get as many of Henry's Rifles in the Army of the Cumberland, so we could drive the Rebs from Chattanooga, so we could get something to eat.

Yours respectfully,
John H. Ekstrand,
Regt. Ordnance Sergt., 51st Ill. Vols.